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I wish mochi was more common here, because it really is the perfect answer to gummy candy cravings for meat and gluten free households.  

Mochi is, as best I can describe it, a sort of stretchy, chewy gummy dessert of Japanese ethnicity.  It’s ingredients are very simple; sweet rice, sugar and water.  Traditional mochi is an involved process that involves pounding rice and mortars and pestles and hours of work … modern mochi is much, much simpler.

Glutinous rice flour, or mochiko, is readily available at most U.S. grocery stores now, usually under the brand Koda.  One box of that will make you a lot of mochi, so don’t be disappointed by its small size.  Now grab your sugar of choice, my favorite is raw sugar and it gives a subtle caramel note to everything you use it in. 

The process is easy but it does require a microwave, and a glass container with a lid (or you can use plastic wrap).

The measurements are one to one, rice, water and sugar.  So one cup of rice flour, one cup sugar, one cup water but this is very flexible … if you don’t want really sweet just decrease your sugar.  I whisk the dry ingredients until well combined to prevent any clumps and then dribble water in a thin stream while whisking until everything is incorporated.  It will be very liquid.

Prepare your glass dish by lightly oiling the sides and pour your batter in, cover or wrap and microwave for anywhere from 4-8 minutes, once everything is one uniform color and firmed it’s done.  Don’t remove the lid, just sit it aside for 5 more minutes.  Then that’s it.  You can dust it with potato starch, corn starch, powdered sugar, cocoa powder … whatever keeps it from sticking to you like crazy :)  I like to turn mine out on a tray and just use a pizza wheel to cut bite sized pieces to eat, you can also cut larger pieces and put a filling in them.

This is one of the most flexible recipes there is, you can use juice instead of water, add any flavorings of fruits you like … and it’s delicious gummy candy in just a few minutes.  Without animal products, without gluten!  

mango mochi dipped in chili!