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Vegas Monsoon

We have wormsign the likes of which god has never seen

Easter Bunny Sale!

 Hop Hop Hop

A special just for followers - a special sale price on our big marshmallow bunnies AND up to 4 can ship for one price!  All orders over $20 (excluding shipping) get a free gift and all orders over $50 ship totally free.

Click here to order from my store

Great big marshmallow bunnies! Your choice of available flavors, the pictured ones are chili mango and double vanilla. The chocolate truffle is a neat nonfat take on the Easter tradition of chocolate rabbits, strawberry are fun and pink, vanilla is always a hit and matcha makes for a unique flavor the screams Spring. You get 1 of this big ol’ bunnies - they’re almost 6” tall. These guys come individually wrapped, too. Hurry, they’ll be hopping away soon :)

Dairy free, corn free, gluten free, egg free, no dye, no artificial flavors

Ingredients: kosher gelatin, organic evaporated cane juice, water, organic Tahitian vanilla bean, natural sea salt

Giveaway Funs Part Two!

Squee Hearts!

We’re having another giveaway, this time for a fabulous little Valentine surprise!

Enter by tweeting about, linking to our etsy store, following/commenting on facebook and for referring friends! Make sure all tweets have @realistmermaid in them so we can find them.

Drawing will take place on 1/15 via selection from the combined database of facebook, twitter and tumblr. Facebook entries must comment on these giveaway posts to enter. Get bonus entries by referring friends to our Facebook page! If your friends join and leave a comment with your name you both get an entry. Each retweeted message on twitter, or unique post linking to The Realist Mermaid(Such as a comment about and link to a product you like) also gains an entry. Multiple entries not only okay, but encouraged.

The fine print: you must be a follower of The Realist Mermaid on whichever site you are sharing, your messages/tweets/comments/reblogs must remain up to be considered valid (this means if you go and delete them right after entering they will not be counted)

Happy posting/tweeting/sharing!

Our twitter: @realistmermaid

Our Facebook:

And if you’re looking at this, you’re on tumblr! ;)

I’m updating my giveaway a bit ~

Since it has been made known to me that there are those that do not love tumblr as I do (shockandhorrorface), I am updating the rules for all of my nonbloggy friends ;)

Check out the giveaway page here, and please check out our new facebook page … there’s a none-too-subtle box over on the left that I cannot figure out how to make less tacky.  Boo. 

Bonus, pretty marshmallows: