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I’m updating my giveaway a bit ~

Since it has been made known to me that there are those that do not love tumblr as I do (shockandhorrorface), I am updating the rules for all of my nonbloggy friends ;)

Check out the giveaway page here, and please check out our new facebook page … there’s a none-too-subtle box over on the left that I cannot figure out how to make less tacky.  Boo. 

Bonus, pretty marshmallows:

Giveaway Funs **New Rules, Folks**

To promote my new etsy store and my blog I am doing a giveaway … though not cake, that would get messy!  You can click the cake above to recommend this blog for a featured listing or:

Swing by my Etsy store and favorite my shop, maybe check out some items and heart those too - go wild.

Then just leave a comment here OR on our Facebook Page - the wall is unlocked you just have to ‘Like’ for access.  Winner will be picked/announced next Tuesday.  The prize is a sampler box from my store(though I am still stocking at this point) and should include fudge, caramel, marshmallows and lollipops.  

So, possible big box of fun for just a few clicks!  <3

Lollipop Noms

One of my beautifully imperfect lollipops.  Sesame is my favorite, which probably sounds odd to a lot of people.  You should try it, though, it’s like concentrated peanut brittle but not and all sorts of awesome.   Photo link leads to etsy.

Lollipops are quite simple to make and just require a little patience followed by some fast action.  Bring 1 cup of sugar and 1/3 cup of water gently up to a full boil, and boil hard until a drop of the syrup turns into brittle threads on contact with water.  While your syrup is cooking grease a cookie sheet very well and lay out sticks at least 3” apart.  Add whatever you want in your lollipops, if you’re using any artificial/alcohol based extracts let it cool off the heat a few moments before adding those so you don’t lose all the flavor.  Carefully pour a thin stream over your sticks, making them as large or small as you wish.  Wait a few minutes, and it’s candy.  Ta-da.


I forget I even set this up.  I have decided I’m going to start selling my treats at some point but right now it’s just sample prices.  My marshmallows are in there now.  After the farmer’s market this week I will have more items.  I’m thinking pomegranate will be the next variety.

Om nom nom!

You can click the marshmallows or go here