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Green Chili

I have mentioned before the awesome squash I got from Bountiful Baskets, this weekend I got *more*.  Nom nom.  So far I’ve had it roasted with some honey herb chicken, in pasta with shrimp and now tonight I made green chili with it sort of hidden in there.  

1/2 large brown onion or one normal sized one

8 big tomatillos give or take a couple if they’re puny like mine

2 mexican green onions

Handful of cilantro(I’m so precise, hah.  I have big hands so this is probably a handful and a half for normal human females)

4 cloves garlic minced

1 large mexican grey squash

1 green bell pepper

Approximately half a cooked chicken, whichever of it’s body parts you prefer.  This would translate well to a vegetarian recipe simple by adding another squash and no chicken

Chili powder, cumin, pepper, salt … in whatever quantities you like them.  I love the flavor of cumin and tend to use a lot more than most people do.

Dash of Worcestershire sauce

Cut up all of the vegetables into little bits except the squash which should be cubed, if you like to not see your veggies just run them through the blender before putting them in the pot with the seasonings. Simmer until everything is cooked through and toss in your chicken then simmer a little while longer until the chicken tastes good, re-season if needed.  You may have to add some water if you did like I did and wandered off too long … if you’re a more attentive cook there should be more than enough moisture in all the veggies to make it a good chili consistency.  

I served mine with rice and some pureed pinto beans that Caira made(that kid loves the blender), lets not kid our selves that they’re refried or even once-fried.  It was good, great fall weather food for sure.  The squash adds a little sweetness and is a wonderful addition.  Uh, it is supposed to be made with pork but it turns out I don’t have any … so it was chicken chili instead.  If you do go for pork just cut it into cubes and brown them before adding them to the veggies, add a cup of stock and simmer it longer to cook the pork through until tender(or use leftover carnitas which is perfect).  I think you could just put any meat you like, or no meat at all if you’d like to add more squash and perhaps some beans. Another win for the Bountiful Basket, I’m loving having fresh produce every day!

Okay so it isn’t exactly pretty food, but I’d rather have really good, ugly food than pretty food that sucks.  Sort of like men, I guess.