Oh my, Banh Mi

Where have you been all my life?  I tried my first banh mi today, and I am ashamed to admit I didn’t even think of taking a photo before devouring it.  We frequent this place and I have never really given the little sandwich menu a second glance as we’re usually there to get pate chaud and croissant for the kids.  Today my dad convinced me to try one while reminiscing about Vietnam and their amazing sandwiches.  How did I never know how amazing these things are?  I am one of those people that usually custom order (probably excessively so) to overload their sandwich with veggies because I crave those differing textures and freshness, ask for vinegar to add tang, beg them not to put an ice cream scoop full of mayonnaise on my sandwich, yeah I’m that customer(sorry!) - this was perfect, no tweaking or custom ordering required.  It was warm, thinly sliced barbeque pork, a generous handful of pickled daikon (oh wow is THAT stuff amazing), carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, peppers, the thinnest layer of mayonnaise and this amazing foot long warm, crusty baguette.  The best part?  It’s $3.  THREE DOLLARS.  Suck on that, Subway.  And if you buy four, you get one free … though come to think of it I can’t imagine many instances where you could deal with that much sandwichage.   This is a serious sandwich, like a bigger than my forearm kind of sandwich.  It is a little on the spicy side with a few pepper slices and a handful of cilantro so if you’re not looking to clear your sinuses or you’re a wuss you may want to leave those off.  

So if you’re in Las Vegas and near Chinatown or feel like a drive, try something a little less ordinary and a whole lot amazing check them out.   If you’re not in Vegas, I am sad for you.  

They’re located inside S F Supermarket on the corner of Spring Mountain and Decatur.  I love their place, everything is super fresh, very inexpensive(yay big, hot loaves of crusty baguette for $1) and always delicious.  And if you see a pink haired girl wrangling a towhead toddler that’s trying to shove an entire pate chaud in his mouth, say hello!