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We have wormsign the likes of which god has never seen

”I’m sorry mom, those days are gone.” My daughter’s response when I told her she used to like California roll. She ordered all kinds of crazy stuff instead.

and on the other end of the spectrum, Caira, who will do everything but smile(even though you can tell she really wants to).  She’s 54 months old, exactly, today.  Both the runts have their birthdays on the 15th :)

Canon EOS 30D  | f/3.5  | 1/320th  | 54mm

and on the other end of the spectrum, Caira, who will do everything but smile(even though you can tell she really wants to).  She’s 54 months old, exactly, today.  Both the runts have their birthdays on the 15th :)

Caira was singing a song about Christmas, I don’t remember it all (hey, it was about 15 minutes long) but one part cracked me up:  ”I told Santa I’m not bad I just have a lot of energyyyyyyyy then he got me presents ANYWAY!”.


My catalog came in the mail today (for me I might add)… my four year old snatched it and spent an hour thumbing through it oohing and aahing.  She now wants a wampa rug for her room.  And some light saber chopsticks.  And a tauntaun sleeping bag.  And that was before she got to page 6.  I ended up just leaving her to it and asked her to make a list.  lol

Caira just made kissy noises, flung a tater tot onto the baby’s high chair tray and then exclaimed “LOOK he caught it! Good boy, good boy!”.  Garrett is too busy devouring the potato lump to be offended by being treated like a dog.

Homemade Hot Pockets with Turkey, Brie and Cranberry

Although that’s sort of an insult to these little pouches of awesome, I really don’t know what else to call them.  They had a wonderful, light crust and my daughter liked them so much she demanded I write down the recipe so we can make them again(I am bad about experimenting, then forgetting what I did).  It was a great way to use up a lot of leftovers!

So disappointed in my photo, not adjusting well to life without my favorite lens :(

The dough is super soft and easy to roll out, I made some breakfast ones with egg for my son’s breakfast tomorrow, broccoli and cheese for my daughter and for myself - turkey, brie and cranberry sauce with a thin layer of creamy horseradish.  I ended up cleaning out the fridge more or less, my roasted portabello leftovers went in a pocket, so did some deli meats … though now the fridge is full of pockets so mission maybe not so accomplished?  The kids loved them, especially Caira who packed away two of her broccoli ones.


2c all purpose flour

1c potato starch

1 egg yolk (keep the egg white to brush on the outsides, makes em shiny!)

1/4c butter or oil

1 tablespoon dry yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

pinch of salt

1/4c warm water plus more to add while mixing(I never know how much I use, probably almost a cup)


Whatever is in your fridge.  Really anything with a moderate moisture content will work, just don’t do anything too wet or your dough will turn to mush.  Don’t use any raw meats either, it wont have time to cook through.  All fillings should be precooked, even veggies since they tend to release a lot of water if you try to do this with fresh ones.  

Combine everything for your dough in a bowl, adding water a tablespoon or two at a time until you have a nice sticky ball of dough.  Turn it out into an oiled bowl then cover with a damp towel and put somewhere nice and warm, I like putting mine on the stovetop while I preheat the oven.  It should double fairly fast, once it does turn it onto a floured surface and knead it a bit with well floured hands.  I cut mine into handful sized balls and left them to rest for another ten minutes before I started rolling them out.  You don’t really want round, more oblong.  Place filling on one side, then use either water or egg was around the edge and pinch to seal.  Bake at 375 for 14 minutes or until browned.  

Best thanksgiving leftovers so far.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll stuff some of the sweet potatoes, dressing and turkey in a pouch … nom.

Caira: When will he be big enough to milk?

Me: What?

Caira: The cat, when will it be big enough to milk

Me: Uh, I think you’re a little confused.  You can’t milk a cat

Caira: Sure you can, you just [flips the cat over, makes squishing noises while making little pinching motions]

Turns on ‘Meet the Parents’ was on earlier.  lol

Brussel Sprouts!

So we got a neat branch(stalk?) full of brussel sprouts at the market.  I wanted to get Caira excited about trying them, and since she loves cabbage I was telling her we could cook these cool ‘little baby cabbages’ to try.  Her response was a sideways glance and; “Sure, Mom, we can do that.  But … you know those are called brussel sprouts, right?”.  It’s funny how her intelligence is both the best and worst at the same time.

I would say she’s just excited about Halloween but Caira always draws skulls and spiders.  The ghost is probably just because of the season, though.

She says these are little skull and crossbones :)